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Zhangjiagang Wanjin Machinery Co. LTD

Zhangjiagang Wanjin Machinery Co., Ltd. (the original Zhangjiagang Sanxing complete beverage machinery factory was registered in 2000 / Zhangjiagang Sanxing Huijin Machinery Co., Ltd. was registered in 2008). Founded in 2000, since its establishment, it has been adhering to the business philosophy of "customer demand and satisfaction is our unremitting creation and pursuit". It is committed to the R & D, production, sales and technical service of complete filling machinery for wine and beverage. After 10 years of rapid development, with good product quality and market service, it has occupied an important position in the field of domestic wine and beverage filling machinery One seat.

The main products are: pure draft beer filling production line; yellow wine, wine, white wine filling production line; tea, juice beverage, milk beverage hot filling, super clean filling, aseptic cold filling production line; carbonated beverage filling production line; bottled or barreled pure water, mineral water filling raw Production line.
At the same time, we provide customers with water treatment system, pre-treatment system, UHT sterilization system, bottle blowing machine, set label heat shrinking machine, inkjet printer, film wrapping machine, labeling machine, carton packaging machine and other wine and beverage factory supporting machinery and equipment, as well as a full set of process plan and turnkey engineering and other technical services.

Zhangjiagang Wanjin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. relies on its own technical strength and manufacturing experience to continuously meet the personalized needs of customers and help customers realize the design intent. The company provides all kinds of technical services, helps customers to design the plane layout of equipment, answers customers process consultation, technical training and operation training of customers' personnel, relies on its own design ability of wine and beverage filling production line and effective integration of production line supporting equipment, and provides customers with whole plant services and turnkey projects.

Zhangjiagang Wanjin Machinery Co., Ltd. has the right of self import and export, and can act as the agent of import and export business of all kinds of machinery and related products.

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