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CG series storage tank

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Sealed containers used for storage of liquid or gas steel is steel tanks, steel tanks project is oil, chemical industry, grain and oil, food, fire control, transportation, metallurgy, national defense and other industries indispensable and important infrastructure, our economic life is always inseparable from the big and small steel tanks, steel tanks plays important role in the development of national economy is irreplaceable. With the continuous development of sight tank industry, more and more industries and enterprises use to storage tanks, more and more enterprises into the tank industry, steel tanks is to store all kinds of liquid (or gas) the raw material and finished products of special equipment, no storage tank for many enterprises cannot normal production, especially the national strategic materials reserves are inseparable from the various capacity and types of storage tank. China's oil storage facilities are mainly on the ground storage tank, and mainly in metal structure

Storage tank is a storage container for conveying medium for oil and gas pipelines. The storage tank at the first station of the oil pipeline is used to collect, store the oil and guarantee the stability of the pipeline oil. The storage tanks at the end of the station are used for receiving and storing the oil and supplying the oil units. The gas tank of the terminal of the gas pipeline is mainly used for the urban gas peak, which is gradually replaced by underground gas storage and pipeline storage.

Heating technology
Traditional tank heating mode is this: the tank shell and tube type of installation is employed or coil heater, make the tank of viscous liquid with hot media (generally) with saturated steam as heat media exchange, the implementation of the viscous liquid, liquid viscosity reduction, to improve its liquidity, in order to facilitate the delivery of the pump.

The traditional storage tank heating method has been used for many years, which inevitably shows its disadvantages.
1. Low heat exchange efficiency and high steam consumption. The heating of viscous liquid is a static type of natural convection heat transfer with extremely low heat release coefficient. Because of the low heat exchange efficiency, the temperature of cold condensing water is high, often with a large amount of steam removal. At the same time due to the viscous liquid temperature is too high, on the surface of the heating tube in high temperature surface heat exchange tube stranded for a long time, very prone to decomposition, come on surface of heat exchange tube, easy to coking, a serious impediment to heat transfer, also influence in the thermal efficiency.

2. Heating process is not economical. When only a small amount of viscous liquid is needed, it is also necessary to heat the viscous liquid in the entire tank. The amount of heating is several times that of this amount, which makes a lot of steam do not work.

3. The temperature of the viscous liquid in the tank is uneven. The viscous liquid near the heater is high and the temperature of the viscous liquid away from the heater is lower, and the temperature of extracting the viscous liquid is lower, which seriously affects the flow of oil.

4. Influence the quality of viscous liquid. In the process of heating the viscous liquid in the tank, a large number of small decomposition products are produced in the process of heating, which has a certain effect on the quality of the viscous liquid, which increases the cost of processing later.

In view of the disadvantages of traditional storage tank heating, a new type of local fast heater technology is produced.

Heating features:
1. Quick heating, high heat transfer efficiency, not easy to scale.
2. It can be used for the quantitative heating of the viscose liquid and how much heating is required.
3. The viscous liquid will not have local high temperature and carbonization, ensuring the quality of the viscous liquid and the heat transfer efficiency of the heater.
4. The highest temperature of oil outlet in the storage tank ensures the flow of the viscous liquid.
5. Avoid the repeated heating of the viscous liquid in the tank, ensuring the consistency of the liquid and the cost of the liquid treatment.
6. Long service life, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure and anti-fouling function, greatly improve the overall performance of heat exchanger.
7. Advanced process structure design ensures smooth flow of viscous liquid and a better "bottom of the pump".
8. Automatic control can be realized, which can control the supply of steam according to the inlet temperature and pouring flow of the viscous liquid.
9. Compact structure, convenient installation and maintenance, it will not affect the safety of the tank due to the installation of heater. Compared with u-tube heat exchanger, in the same heat exchange area, the outer dimensions of the eddy heat film heat exchanger are only about half of the dimensions of the u-tube heat exchanger.
10. Compared with electric heating, it is safer and more gentle, and less influence on the quality of sticky liquid.

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