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Semi-automatic bottle blowing machine

Time:2019-12-27 12:52


Max.volume of product l 2cavity×2L
Production capacity Pcs/h 1500-2000
Neck size of produce mm <75
CLAMPING UNIT Template effective area mm 340×350
Max.mould thickness mm 200
Min.mould thickness mm 120
Mould stroke mm 140
Clamping force kn 80
Stretching stroke mm 380
AIR SYSTEM Working pressure Mpa ≤1.0
Blowing air pressure Mpa WJ-2000-B≤3.0
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Power of machine kw 0.1
Installed Power of heater kw 11
MACHINE SIZE Weight of machine kgs 485
Weight of heater kgs 200
Machine size m 1.45×0.59×1.65
Heater size m 1.8×0.58×1.35

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